david-message-picJi bawaajigan ji giizheninjig (To Dream To Invent)

SIPCO’s Chairman T. David Petite is a tribal member of the Chippewa Tribe; a member of the American Indian Science and Engineering Society (AISES); and the Founder and President of the Native American Intellectual Property Enterprise Council.

David was one of the early pioneers in the development of wireless devices that extend the Internet creating ‘always-on’ connectivity for monitoring and control applications.



“BOOZHOO” (Ojibwe for hello)

Some say curiosity is the main ingredient of invention. And some say “necessity is the mother to all inventions” I can’t argue with either because both provide key elements to my invention; however, personally, I would say if I was going to add to that ingredient having a strong memory would be a definite benefit for great inventions.

I believe great inventions evolve to provide a form of enhancement that touches most everyone life. And most great inventions have the ability take out complexity and put back simplicity to most everyones experience which is the most brilliant and difficult element of any great invention.

I often have other fellow inventors contacting me to say they admire me for standing up for my inventions. Almost all of them have questions about how to implement protective strategies that would enable them to form and maintain a protective beachhead for their inventions that are being, or soon to be, attacked. My advice is always straightforward and simple: do what you think is right, plan ahead, and utilize all of the legal expertise you can get. If you’re going to fight the fight for your invention, never think short term – always plan 5 to 10 years out, prepare to go all the way up the appeals process, and never, ever give up.

Good luck and may your ideas improve your life

“MIIGECH” (Thank You)