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From the basement of his home, T. David Petite founds StatSignal Systems, Inc., a wireless R&D company


T. David Petite develops a large number of wireless control and distribution technology applications.

The applications include integrating the internet as a derived channel for data back-haul and data aggregation points.

Petite also creates organized networks to collect and share an entry point. The inventions focus on ways to move data as economically and seamlessly as possible.


Technology standard groups were creating consortiums around internet applications for monitoring and controlling applications.

T. David Petite and his partners start SIPCO LLC, maintaining ownership of the core technology and intellectual property, including patents, software, firmware, and hardware designs.

Sipco LLC continues developing technology and deploying a number of wireless technology applications in various locations around the country. SIPCO, LLC further develops, innovates and redefines wireless networking systems.

Present Day

With a deep history and millions of dollars invested in early leading edge wireless research and development,

SIPCO LLC currently offers a variety of fair and equal license opportunities including the Essential Wireless Mesh™ (EWM™) Patent Portfolio to product manufacturers, application integrators, users, and sellers at a reasonable royalty rate.

SIPCO continues to grow its global momentum by adding numerous corporations to its current list of license members. To date, licensees include companies operating in the vertical markets of Smart Grid, Building Automation, Industrial Controls, Network Backhaul, Home Appliance, Home Automation and Entertainment, Sensor Monitoring, and Internet Service Provisioning.

Licensed products include those using standard wireless mesh protocols such as Zigbee, IEEE 802.15.4, Z-Wave, WirelessHART as well as proprietary wireless protocols.